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Test of Indoor Air Quality Monitors


When people stay in poorly ventilated indoors, pollutants will accumulate nearby. Therefore, a new term "sick building syndrome" has appeared in recent years. The World Health Organization (WHO) even defines it as: " Any abnormal symptoms of the human body caused by air pollution in buildings, such as neurotoxic symptoms (including eye, nose, throat irritation, etc.), bad smell, asthma attacks, etc.

All places that were classified from monitoring and inspection in accordance with the requirements of the "Indoor Air Quality Management Law" should maintain and monitor indoor air quality regularly.

Service Scope

The first stage of announcement includes universities, libraries, medical institutions, social welfare institutions, government agencies, railway transportation, civil aviation stations, MRT stations, exhibition rooms, shopping malls.

The second stage of announcement includes museums and art galleries, business premises of financial institutions, performance halls, cinemas, audio-visual and singing industries, and sports and fitness.

Testing Items
Concentration of carbon dioxide and carbon oxide.
Concentrations of carbon monoxide and carbon oxides.


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