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Privacy Policy Statement

Privacy Policy Statement

  • The privacy statement of this website applies to the collecting, processing and using personal information related to the matters involved when you negotiate business with ETC, participate in various activities (such as registering for seminars/courses, subscribing to publications, etc.), or make inquiries or suggestions by telephone, fax or mailbox of this website.
  • Other websites accessed via the hyper links on the website are governed by their own specific privacy protection and information security policies. This website shall not assume any further joint liability.

How to collect, handle and use person information
  • When you get into business contact or participate in any activities of this website, ETC will ask for providing necessary personal information such as name, title, telephone, email, address, etc., and process and utilize your personal information for the specific service field. Without your consent, ETC will not use personal information for other purposes.
  • If you contact ETC via telephone, fax or mailbox on this website, please provide the correct information for our further response to your inquiry. If you provide any wrong or false information, ETC has the right to refuse you to use web services.
  • While you reach out to ETC via mailbox, this website will retain the name, email address, contact information and service time as provided.
  • While website visiting, the information, such as service time, browser, viewing and clicking data will be recorded and collected by third parties such as Google Analytics. In order to improve website user experience, these data may be referred to for managing website traffic and user behavior surveys. ETC will only analyzes the sum of all user behaviors, and does not analyze individual users. This record is for internal use only and will never be released to the public.
  • Apart from official reply email and the publications you have subscribed to, ETC will not actively send any emails to you. If you receive fake advertisements or spam message sent by this website, please be aware of that it’s beyond our control, and ETC shall not assume any responsibility.
  • While dealing with your personal information, ETC will take relevant process and internal operating procedures to carry out necessary personnel control in accordance with the requirements of information security.

Personal Information Protection
  • The web host is equipped with firewalls, anti-virus systems and other related safety system to protect the website and your personal information. Strict protection measures are adopted, and only authorized personnel can access your personal information.
  • Whenever it’s necessary to entrust the other concerned organizations via this website to provide necessary services, ETC will also ask them strictly comply with confidentiality obligations and take necessary check to ensure that they will surely obey.

Website Security
  • ETC will use automated online tools to scan web vulnerability and define system weakness on non-regular basis. This website is also equipped with network record analysis system to detect unknown attempts and intrusions. Any anomalies in the behavior attempting to access to server will be reported and blocked, and the police department will be also notified.
  • Any actor who endangers the website security shall be investigated for civil, criminal and administrative responsibilities based on all data gathered and facts.

Policy on sharing personal information with third parties

The personal information collected will be processed in accordance with the "Personal Information Protection Law" and with the relevant laws and regulations. ETC will never disclosure or transfer to the third party the information under the control or custody of a personal information, except for the following circumstances:

  • With your written consent
  • Acting in concert with judicial investigations.
  • Acting in concert with the investigation or use of relevant authorities in accordance with the needs of their duties.
  • While believing that the disclosure is legally necessary, or is for the purpose to maintaining and improving customers service on our website.
  • Acting in concert with public agencies or academic research institutions as it’s essential for statistical or academic research, and the information is processed by the provider or collector, and the specific party cannot be identified based on how the information is disclosed.
  • When your behavior violates the terms of service or may damage, or hinder the rights and interests of ETC and other web browsers or cause damage to anyone, the purpose of disclosing your personal information is to identify, contact or take legal action if necessary.
  • ETC will fulfil our managerial responsibility while entrusting customers to collect, process or use your personal information.
  • Bringing benefits to your interest
  • Avoiding any harm in your life, body, liberty or property.

Amendments to the Privacy Policy

The privacy policy will be amended at any time according to the demand, and the amended terms will be published on the website.

Data Access and Deletion
  • You can raise a request to review, delete, change/update, and stop using your personal information by this website or by contacting us.
  • Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or comments about the above terms.