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Taken from the Community, Giving Back to Society

Social Welfare

We are a non-profit organization and, to fulfill our corporate social responsibility and manifest the public interest attribute of non-profit organization, have established a unit dedicated to carry out charitable activities based on our professionalism and capacity with own budget each year.

Charity Procurement
We not only buy the gifts for three major festivals (i.e., the lunar new year, dragon boat festival and moon festival) from social welfare groups at priority, but also buy agricultural products from farmers on an irregular basis to reduce famers’ burdens of unsalable agricultural products.
Each year, we buy calendars from social welfare groups.
Each year since 2014, we have always launched food and consumer product testing programs for domestic social welfare groups, including Children Are Us Foundation, Maria Social Welfare Foundation, Kind Garden and Consumers’ Foundation, Chinese Taipei. To enhance food and consumer product safety management and to protect citizens’ dietary and consumption safety, we provide these groups with free food and consumer product testing as our contribution to domestic consumption safety.
We also promote the “Public Welfare Program of 3D Printing Talent Training”. It cooperates with the industry, social welfare groups and colleges/universities to hold the “3D printing” teaching and hands-on courses for disadvantaged minority groups with the aspiration to enhance their entrepreneurial capabilities and increase their employment opportunities.
Industrial-Academic Cooperation
Each year, we offer internship opportunities to college/university students of related departments to enhance their testing expertise and knowledge and their understanding about the industry.
We hold mentor courses that enable students to, before starting their career in the industry, understand basic product quality, testing and certification requirements.
We also participate in the Youth Employment Navigation Program to provide senior high or vocational school graduates with high-quality work opportunities, enabling them to have workplace experience and to assist them in exploring their career.
We receive college/university teachers and students on a regular basis and, by introducing our product testing and analysis techniques, helps students to enhance their knowledge about testing techniques and industry.
Free Lectures
We irregularly hold free testing related technical seminars to facilitate technical upgrade and give good return to the industry.
We irregularly hold technical seminars/symposiums in regard to the industry’s development trends in order to give good return to the industry and increase interaction and exchange therewith.
Environmental Sustainability
We have replaced traditional T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes with the energy-saving LED lights to save energy and reduce carbon emissions while increasing the illumination of the office by 32%. The replacement is estimated to save around 70% of electricity bill and reduce 12.8 tons of carbon emissions every month.
We adopt the protected species “Leopard cat”.
We purchased 100,000 kWh of green electricity from Taipower Company
We have gradually replaced paper works with an internal e-system.