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Innovative Services and Sustainable Development

Introduction to the Taiwan Testing and Certification Center (ETC)

An Overview

To expand our service scope and capacity and to head towards diversified development, we renamed to the “Taiwan Testing and Certification Center” in 2020 .

The main objectives of us are to implement import/export testing and certification missions given by the government in coordination with the policy; provide product inspection and certificate issuance services according to the development and needs of domestic industry; and, for the seeking of public welfare, develop quality control and testing techniques to increase product quality and facilitate the progress and prosperity of the industry.

Under the enthusiastic and obligatory guidance of the directors and supervisors; and with the efforts, hard work, dedication and enthusiasm of all employees, we support domestic manufacturers to develop new products, enhance product competitiveness and establish techniques and business in related fields; assists the industry in enhancing product quality, obtaining worldwide product certifications and catching the trend of globalization by winning business opportunities in the global market with our testing and certification techniques. Our efforts have been affirmed by the industry and reached the objective of supporting business that is beneficial to the people of the country.

Upholding the purpose of our establishment, we not only assist the government in controlling product safety, but also protect consumers and ensure their safety when using the product. The scope of services covers product safety testing, electromagnetic compatibility testing, communications terminal product testing, environmental reliability testing, connector testing, lighting/optical lighting product testing, medical equipment product testing, information and communication technology product testing, smart software product testing, explosion-proof testing , chemical and hazardous substance analysis, food/drug/cosmetic testing, instrument calibration, legal measuring instrument verification, children's products, children's playground and son on.

In the meantime, we have also successfully developed EMC measurement antennas and EMC verification signal source generators with better functionality comparing with foreign products and impacts of global climate, we also provide the certification services for all types of management systems; gradually develop testing techniques and capacity for the green energy industry (ex., lithium batteries, efficient energy use, electric vehicles, automotive electronics and smart energy); and in technical development, equipment purchase, personnel training and site expansion. All of these indicate that we are an important long-term and must-have partner for domestic industrial development

As an independent, objective, impartial and professional third-party testing and certification body, we not only provide the industry and consumers with reliable testing reports and trustworthy testing quality, but also proactively involved in social welfare activities. Oriented to the spirit of “taken from the community, giving back to society”, we have set up industry and social welfare service units at our own expense; and applied developed techniques and testing capacity to give good return to the society as a non-profit organization.

  • Our Core Services

    Testing, certification and professional services

  • Our Advantages

    We are a third-party testing and certification body with credibility and our service scope covers various items and types of products. We have not only been longterm developed in the industry, but also maintained good interaction with industrial, governmental and academic circles

  • Business Philosophy
    We are a non-profit organization.

    We are seeking for the public interests of our country, society, industry and consumers. We contribute to our country, serve the society, assist the industry and protect consumers. We want to support business that is beneficial to the people of our country instead of competing therewith for profit.
    We want to build a friendly workplace and take good care of our colleagues as if they are part of our own family. We need to build team spirit, help each other and share life's ups and downs. We need to seek truth from facts, innovate our services, create results and share these results with our colleagues.

  • Quality Policy

    Pursue excellent service quality with the spirit of dedication.

  • Our Vision

    A promoter of international product certification. A partner for corporate sustainability.