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Quality Control Circle (QCC) Implementation Activities


A Quality Control Circle (QCC) is a small group of people in the same, similar or complementary workplace who automatically form a group of several people and then carry out cooperative group activities to solve problems in the workplace, management and ethos by applying the Seven QC Practices according to their rules.

QCC is characterized by a combination of participants emphasizing leadership, technical staff and employees.

QCC Implementation

  • Week 1 Establish the QCC, decide on the name and leader of the circle.
  • Week 2 Decide on the theme of the activity.
  • Week 3 Decide the evaluation characteristics and grasp the key factors.
  • Week 4 Observe the site and collect data.
  • Week 5 Understand the current situation and set objectives.
  • Week 6 Identify important factors that influence the problem.
  • Week 7 Propose solutions, share work, implement solutions.
  • Week 8 Implementation of countermeasures and confirmation of results.
  • Week 9 Implementation of countermeasures and improvement proposals.
  • Week 10 Standardisation.
  • Week 11 Comparison of results - compilation of results report.
  • Week 12 Presentation and communication.