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TQM National Quality Award 8 items


"The National Quality Award" is based on the Deming Award in Japan and the Malcom Balidge Quality Award in the United States. The core values and judging framework of the National Quality Award were developed by a group of leading academics and business practitioners, based on the above awards and taking into account the development models and best practices of domestic enterprises.

A similar judging structure and award process has been adopted by over 70 countries worldwide. The criteria and core values of the National Quality Awards are based on the above-mentioned "Excellence in Business" framework.The aim is to motivate all business organizations to use this knowledge to pursue the best possible business improvements to highlight the unique characteristics of each business.

Assessment Items of TQM

1.Leadership and Management Philosophy

1.1 Business Philosophy and Values

1.2 Mission and vision of the organization

1.3 Leadership at senior management level

1.4 Shaping a Total Quality Culture

1.5 Social Responsibility

2. Strategy Management

2.1 Overall Strategic Planning

2.2 Business model

2.3 Strategy implementation and improvement

3. R&D and Innovation

3.1 R&D and innovation strategies and processes

3.2 Investment in R&D and Innovation

.3 Measuring R&D and Innovation Outcomes

4. Customer and Market Development

4.1 Product (Service) and Marketing Strategy

4.2 Customer and Business Intelligence Management

4.3 Customer Relationship Management

5. Human Resources and Knowledge Management

5.1 Human Resource Planning

5.2 Human Resource Development

5.3 Human Resources Utilisation

5.4 Employee Relationship Management

5.5 Knowledge Management

6. Information Strategy, Application and Management

6.1 Information strategy planning

6.2 Web Applications

6.3 Information Applications

7. Process Management

7.1 Product Flow (Process) Management

7.2 Supporting Activity Management

7.3 Cross-organisational relationship management

8. Business Performance

8.1 Customer satisfaction

8.2 Market development performance

8.3 Financial performance

8.4 Human Resources Performance

8.5 Information Management Performance

8.6 Process Management Performance

8.7 Innovation and core competence performance

8.8 Social evaluation (quality honor)