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TL 9000 Communication Industry Specific Requirements


TL 9000 enhances quality management systems to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the integrity and usability of telecommunications products (hardware, software and services), establish and maintain common quality management system requirements for design, development, production, delivery, installation and maintenance processes, reduce the number of telecommunications quality management system standards, and define economic cost and performance-based measurement metrics to guide the conduct and evaluation of quality management system implementation results.

It also drives continuous improvement, strengthens customer-supplier relationships and balances the industrial compliance assessment process.

TL9000 certification can be registered for hardware, software or services, or a combination of these processes, and the scope of the process can be the whole enterprise, a department of an organization, a factory or a production line. If the TL9000-HW is registered for hardware, it means that the quality system meets the requirements of the commonality (C) and hardware (H) categories in addition to the QMS requirements, and that the requirements of the commonality and hardware categories are met.

Training Course Features

(1) Introduction Preparation: Diagnosis of the current quality system and assistance in setting up a TL-9000 implementation committee for operation and education training, integration of the QMS quality system for continuous improvement and strengthening of the customer-supplier relationship control mechanism.

(2) System establishment: Assist the company to establish a TL-9000 quality system in accordance with the existing documents and data base framework of the QMS quality system, amend and add customer requirements and regulations identification, quality manuals and various documents and procedures for the implementation of the operation and various process control mechanisms.

(3) Implementation and promotion: Implementation of TL-9000 management system related audit and measurement indicator courses for education and training.

(4) Validation stage: Assist in the application for validation and pre-simulation audit, and conduct a review of deficiencies for improvement before formally accepting the assessment until the certification is passed.

(5) System Maintenance: Long-term free consultation and provision of professional and skilled consultants.

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