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CCC/CQC Factory Inspection (China)


In December 2001, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China (AQSIQ) issued the "Regulations on the Administration of Compulsory Product Certification", replacing the original safety and quality licensing system for imported goods and the safety certification system for electrical products with a compulsory product certification system.

China Compulsory Certification (CCC) or 3C certification for short. It is a statutory mandatory safety certification system.

Products included in the CCC List are 22 major categories of products such as household appliances, automobiles, safety glass, medical devices, wires and cables, toys, etc. The CQC was appointed to undertake the 3C certification of 146 products in 18 categories within the CCC List.

The CQC has launched a voluntary product certification service (known as CQC Mark Certification) for products other than those subject to mandatory certification, which indicates compliance with quality, safety, environmental protection and performance standards by means of the CQC Mark. The certification covers over 500 products.

Aims to protect the safety of consumers and property and to safeguard the interests of consumers; to improve the quality of enterprises' products and to enhance the competitiveness of their products in the international market. It also enables foreign companies to enter the Chinese domestic market more smoothly.

CQC, as an authoritative certification agency in China, has a high brand awareness in the international environment. It can greatly enhance the brand image of the certified company, and ETC is a CQC-appointed factory inspection organization.

  • Performed initial and annual CCC factory inspections commissioned by the China Quality Certification Centre (CQC).
Notes for Inspection

Notes for Inspection:

  • The so-called factories in the factory inspection requirements include the certification commissioner (producer or seller, importer), manufacturer and production plant.
    If the relevant entity (certification commissioner (producer or seller, importer), manufacturer, production plant.) are responsible for different requirements, the personnel of the relevant unit or authorized personnel are required to be present for inspection.

  • Please prepare certified product test reports to facilitate product conformance checks.

  • On-site inspection must be arranged on the day of production of CCC certified products for sampling for consistency check and on-site testing.

  • Please prepare the GB standard for the relevant product as it is necessary to conduct on-site specified tests.

  • Items 1 to 10 of the "Requirements for Factory Inspection for Mandatory Certification of Household and Similar Use Equipment, Audio and Video Equipment, and Information Technology Equipment" of the Product Certification Implementation Rules can be found at

  • Failure will be determined if any of the following conditions are found during the inspection.
    • Without the provision of certified products for conformance check and field test, factory inspection is deemed to have failed.
    • If the conformity check and field test of the certified product do not meet the requirements, the factory inspection will be deemed to have failed.
    • When the mandatory certification factory inspection requirement has so many non-conformities that it affects the maintenance of the factory inspection requirement, the factory inspection is deemed to have failed.