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LED lighting equipment, street lamps, table/stand/clamp lamps, aquarium lamps, LED bulbs, various fluorescent lamps, induction lamps, large lighting equipment, LED light source control devices, laser pointer, etc.

Test Service

Safety Test Service

  • Taiwan:CNS 14335、CNS 15016-1、CNS 15233、CNS 15436、CNS 15437、CNS 15438、CNS 15592、CNS 15630、CNS 15829、CNS 15983、CNS 16027、CNS 5065、CNS 13755、CNS 927、CNS 14576、CNS 14125、CNS 691
  • International:IEC 60598-1、IEC 60598-2 系列、IEC 60968、IEC 62031、IEC 62471、IEC 62778、IEC 62560、IEC 60825-1、IEC 61347-1/-2-13、IEC 62301、CIE 13.3、CIE 15、CIE 70、CIE 84、CIE 117
  • Europe:EN 60598-1、EN 60598-2 系列、EN 62471、EN 62778、EN 62560、EN 60825-1、EN 60968、EN 62031、EN 61347-1/-2-13
  • USA:ANSI C78.377、IES LM-79、LM-16、LM-58

EMC Test Service

  • Taiwan:CNS 14115、CNS 15630、CNS 15233
  • International:CISPR 15、IEC 55015
  • Europe:EN 55015、EN 61547、EN 62493
  • UK:BS 55015、BS 61547、BS 62493
  • Japan:Electrical Safety Act
  • New Zealand & Australia:AS /NZC CISPR 15

Optical Biosafety Test Service

  • Taiwan:CNS 15592
  • International:IEC 62471
  • Europe:EN 62471

LED Performance Test Services

  • Taiwan:CNS 15630、CNS 15233、CNS 15437、CNS 55065
  • International:IEC 61000-3-2、CIE 70、CIE 84、CIE 117、CIE 121、CIE 127
  • USA:Energy Star、IESNA LM-79-08
  • Test Items:Actual power(W)、Voltage(V)Current(A)、Power Factor(PF)、Full luminous flux (lm)、Luminous efficiency (lm/W)、Beam angle、Illuminance、Peak candela、CPD、Candela array、Luminaire efficiency, LOR、Unified Glare Ratio、IESNA、Eulumdat、CIBSE or CIE format data files、Chromaticity coordinates、Spectral energy distribution (W/nm)、Associated Colour Temperature (CCT, K)、color rendering index (CRI)、Excitation Purity、Center wavelength, λc (nm)、Peak wavelength, λp (nm)、Dominant wavelength, λd (nm)
Certification Service

BSMI, IECEE CB Report, EU CE, Japan PSE, Singapore SAFETY Mark, Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Services Department