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Laptops, All In One PCs, Blade Servers, Cloud Servers, Cloud Storage, Netcom Equipment, Telecom Server Room Equipment, 3C Products, Tablets, Digital Products, etc.

Testing service

Product Safety Testing

  • Taiwan:CNS 15598-1、CNS14336-1
  • International:IEC/EN 62368-1
  • Japan:Japan Technical Standards for Electrical Appliances, Class VIII, Class XII

EMC Testing

  • Taiwan:CNS 13438
  • Taiwan(Wireless product):NCC DOC、NCC LP0002、NCC PSTN01、NCC RTTE01
  • International:CISPR 22
  • Europe:EN55022/24、BS EN 55022/24
  • Europe (Wireless product):EN 301357、EN 301489-1、EN 301489-2、EN 301489-3、EN 301489-4、EN 301489-5、EN 301489-6、EN 301489-9、EN 301489-17、EN 301489-24、EN 301489-52、EN 301893、EN 300019-2-1、EN 300019-2-2、EN 300132-1、EN 300132-2、EN 300220、EN 300220-1、 EN 300220-2、EN 300220-3、EN 300328、EN 300330-1、EN 300330-2、EN 300386-1、EN 300422、EN 300422-1、EN 300422-2、EN 300440、 EN 300440-1、EN 300440-2
  • USA:FCC Part 15
  • USA (Wireless product):FCC ID Part 15D、FCC ID Part 15C、FCC ID Part 68、FCC ID Part 74
  • Canada:ICES-003
  • Canada (Wireless product):RSS-123、RSS-210、RSS-213、RSS-216
  • Japan:VCCI
  • New Zealand and Australia:AS/NZS CISPR 22

RoHS Restrictions

  • Domestic:RoHS 2.0 Restrictions

Energy Label

  • Domestic : Energy Label
  • Europe : ErP Instruction
  • USA : Energy Star
Verification Service

BSMI, IECEE, CB Report, SAFETY Mark of Singapore, BPS of Philippines, CE of EU

Professional Service

Site inspection service