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In Taiwan, most of the software function are tested and confirmed by developers. According to the relevant reports, the cost of testing does not exceed 5% of the entire project budget.

However, the budget of software functional testing has a high proportion of the overall project in foreign countries, even up about 30%. In fact, the issues of software quality have been more concerned in recent years. The failures happen during the software operation, which may cause serious results.

In the early stage of IT industry development, most software programs are relatively simple and test’s requirements are not complicated. It only do the simple check is enough by the developers. But now the IT industry has progressed to a mature period, the system become more precise, and the software programs are more complicated.

In this stage, it will decrease in sales revenue and increase in operating costs if the software didn’t make a strict testing. It also bring legal liability and lead to a decline in the corporate image. In particular, the influence of the financial and telecommunications systems covers the entire country. The risks spread widely, which will make very serious and harmful results.

Testing Items
Information Security Testing

02.Information security testing for electric vehicle power supply equipment information security testing

03.Information security inspection for elevator equipment

04.Video surveillance system information security

05.Basic information security inspection for Mobile application App

06.Smartphone system built-in software information security (ESS) detection

Interoperability testing

01.Electric vehicle AC charging pile interoperability test

02.Smart air-conditioning interoperability testing

Other software testing



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