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Antenna parameters and performance measurements


The demand for antenna characterisation is such that the previous horizontal/vertical 2D profile measurements are no longer sufficient to meet the needs of current customers.

In June 2005, we also introduced a 3D antenna field to measure energy, using color coding to represent different levels of energy radiation, allowing customers to understand the characteristics of their antennas at a glance.


Antenna type: active and passive antenna

  • Antenna varieties:
    • Mobile non-directional low gain antenna for wireless communication
    • Point-to-point fixed directional high gain antenna for wireless communication
  • Measurement bandwidth: 800 MHz to 6 GHz
  • Measurement distance: 2 m or 3 m
  • Measurement environment: 7 m* 3 m * 3 m full wave darkroom
  • Measurement items: VSWR, R.L., Input impedance, Gain, Directivity, Efficiency, Cross polarization, 2D/3D antenna pattern and CTIA TRP. 2D/3D antenna pattern and CTIA TRP measurements.
  • Measurement method:
    • IEEE Std. 149-1979 Standard Test Procedures or Antenna.
    • CTIA “Method of measurement for Radiation RF Power and Receiver Performance”.