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Complete and Comprehensive Service in Testing

Passive Components


Electronic products are basically composed of many complex electronic components and quality of these components are very importent. The scope of services we provide is the environmental durability, mechanical dynamics, electrical characteristics and other related tests such as finished products and packaging and transportation.

Service Scope

Electrical Characteristics

  • Testing based on the following standards:JPCA-ET01、CNS 4785、CNS 10522、EIA364
  • Testing Items:
    1. Capacitance and tan δ Test
    2. Inductance & Q Test
    3. Resistance Test
    4. Impedance Test
    5. ESR Test
    6. Voltage Drop Test
    7. Contact Resistance Test
    8. Insulation Resistance Test
    9. Dielectric Withstanding Voltage Test
    10. DC Leakage Test
    11. Surge Voltage Test
    12. Short Time Over Load Test
    13. Rated Load Test
    14. Contact Bouncing Test
    15. Surface Resistivity Test
    16. Volume Resistivity Test
    17. Temperature Rise Test(Rating Current Test
    18. Surface Insulation Resistance Test ,SIR Test
    19. Electrochemical Migration Test, ECM Test
    20. Conductor Resistances Test (Manual/AMR Test)
    21. Forward Volt/Current Test
    22. Reverse Current Test
    23. Grounding Test
    24. Power Consumption Test
    25. Sensitivity Freq. Response Test
    26. R-L Channel Output Ratio Test
    27. Distortion Factor Test
    28. Continuous Load Test
    29. Lowest Resonance Freq. Test (fo) Test
    30. Lumens Test
    31. Volume Test
    32. Max. Consumption Current Test
    33. Voltage Drift Test
    34. Short Test
    35. Rotational Speed Test
    36. Minimum Action Voltage Test
    37. Voltage Range Test
    38. Input Voltage& Freq. Test
    39. Voltage Shock Test
    40. Reverse Voltage Test
    41. Over Voltage Test
    42. Max. Output Test
    43. AC Leakage Test

Environmental simulation and analysis (Reliability test)