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Electric Vehicle charger/charging station


To reduce carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels, the development of urban and rural proximity transport is particularly important to Taiwan. Thus, various tests for electric vehicles and electric locomotives have been developed, including EMC, safety, reliability and connector tests. In Taiwan, electric vehicles are becoming more and more common due to the government's efforts to promote and reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Mandatory regulation of electric motorbike charging equipment and battery switching equipment has been implemented in Taiwan since May 1, 2011.The product range is for imported and domestically manufactured electric motorbike charging equipment and battery switching equipment, while electric vehicle charging equipment in Taiwan is currently still voluntary.

Test Services

Electric Vehicle Charging System Test

  • Taiwan:CNS 15511-1、CNS 15511-23、CNS 15511-24
  • Japan:CHAdeMO 1.0.0
  • China:GB/T 34657.1
  • USA:UL 2231-2
  • North America:SAE J1772
  • International:IEC 61851-1、IEC 61851-23、IEC 61851-24

Tests on charging systems for electric motorbikes and electric (auxiliary) bicycles

  • Charger:CNS 15425-1、CNS 13438
  • Fixed Power Supply Systems: CNS 16125, CNS 16127, CNS 16128, CNS 15663 Section 5
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