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Environmental and Reliability Testing


Technical products are frequently exposed to natural or combined environments like climatic and/or mechanical stresses. A comprehensive environmental testing can prove the reliability of the products and demonstrate that they could work perfectly in any conditions.

During testing, possible weaknesses could be identified and product improvements could be initiated at an early stage. By resolving them promptly, it protects your reputation from product recalls.

Service Scope

Commercial, industrial, medical, military, automotive electronic components and products

Testing Items
Weatherability Environmental Test

01.Thermal Shock Test

02.Cold Test

03.Dry heat Test

04.Temperature Cycling Test

05.Damp heat cycling Test

06.Environment Stress Screening Test (ESS)

07.Highly Accelerated Life Test and Highly Accelerated Stress Screen (HALT & HASS)

08.Combined Environmental Test

09.Acceleration Life Test

10.Damp heat Test

11.Low Air Pressure Test

12.Salt Spray Test

13.Industry Gas Test

14.Room Temp. Life Test

15.Temperature Life Test

16.Damp Load Test

17.Ripple Current Life Test

18.Ageing Test

19.Ball-pressure Test

20.Hot Oil Test

21.Boil Test

22.Moisture Sensitivity Levels Test, MSL

23.Oil Resistance Test

24.Pressure Cook Test ,PCT

25.Solar Testing/ UV Test

26.Ice/ Splash Water Shock Test

Mechanical Environmental Testing

01.Vibration Test

02.Shock Test

03.Bump Test

04.Drop Test

Combined Environmental Testing

01.Combined High-frequency Vibration Test

02.Combined Salt Spray Test

International Protection Marking/ Ingress protection certification

01.Waterproof Test(IPX1~IPX8)

02.Dustproof test(IP1X~IP6X)

Failure Analysis

01.Microsection Analysis Service

02.Red Dye Penetration Tes

03.High Magnification Tool Microscopy Observation

04.Optical Physical Microscopy Observation

05.SEM(Scanning Electron Microscope)/EDX Characterization and Micro-Area Analysis Observation/Abnormal Element Detection Analysis SEM/EDX



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