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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing


After electronic products fully employ digital technology, which needs to pay more attention on the problems of electromagnetic interference. ETC has the complete testing equipments for the industry’s services. We actively cooperate with foreign testing and certification body in technology and standards. We can provide more accurate and advanced testing technology to assist manufacturers to quickly obtain international certification for market requirements.

Service Scope
  • Household appliances
  • Information and Technology Equipment
  • Audio and video products
  • Medical equipment and medical electronic equipment
  • Lamp & Lighting device
  • Vehicles and vehicle components
  • Railway/Ship/Military
  • Industrial and Scientific Equipment
  • Multimedia products
Testing Items
EMI Testing

01.Radiated Magnetic Disturbance Emissions


03.Disturbance Power

04.Voltage Fluctuation&Flicker

05.Current Harmonic/ IEC 61000-3-2/-3-12

06.Radiation Emission

07.Conduction Emission

EMF Testing

01.Guidelines for Limiting Exposure to Time-Varying Electric and Magnetic Fields –ICNIRP3 measurement

02.Electromagnetic Wave Measurement in the Environment



EMS Testing


02.Frequency Variation

03.Phase Unblance



06.CS Under 150kHz

07.Flk Immnuity

08.Har Immunity


10.DIP/ IEC 61000-4-11


12.CS/ IEC 61000-4-6

13.Surge / IEC 61000-4-5

14.EFT / IEC 61000-4-4

15.RS / IEC 61000-4-3

16.ESD / IEC 61000-4-2

Isolation, screen and shielding effectiveness

01.Metal sheet, metal mesh, conductive film, conductive cloth, conductive dielectric board, surface coating or plated conductive layer materials, provide 80MHz~4.2GHz isolation, screen rate and shielding effectiveness evaluation test and report


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