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Product Safety Testing


Product safety tests are designed to check the safety performance of products to ensure that they remain safe and reliable during normal use and to reduce the occurrence of accidents and damage.

Service Scope
  • Household Appliances
  • Information and Communication / Audio and Video Product
  • Medical Electronics/ In Vitro Diagnostic Devices
  • Lighting Products, Laser and Optical
  • Connectors and Components
  • Vehicles and Components
  • Machinery
Testing Items
Anti-Electric Shock Hazard Testing

01.Creepage Distance, Space Distance and Insulation Thickness

02.Grounding Test

03.Terminal Test for Connecting External Conductors

04.Wiring and Connections

05.Internal Wiring

06.Discharge Test for Plug Separation from Power Source

07.Mechanical Strength Test of the Enclosure

08.Electronic Circuit Malfunction Test

09.Moisture Resistance

10.Transient Overvoltage

11.Leakage Current and Insulation Voltage Resistance

12.Protective Measures against Electrical Shock

Prevention of High-temperature Hazard Testing

01.Ball Pressure Test

02.Abnormal Operation Test

03.Overload Protection for Transformers and Related Circuits

04.Temperature Rise Test

Prevention of Fire Hazard Testing

01.Leakage and Explosion-proof Test of Flammable Refrigerants

02.Needle Flame Test

03.Hot-wire Test

Prevention of Mechanical Hazard Testing

01.Protective Test of Dangerous Moving Parts

02.Stability Test

Prevention of Chemical Hazard Testing

01.Ozone Concentration Test

02.Abnormal Test

Prevention of Radiation Hazard Testing

01.Photobiological Safety Test

02.Laser Power Test

03.Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation Energy Test

04.Microwave Leakage Test



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