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Proficiency testing activities are primarily based on inter-laboratory comparisons to assess the capabilities of laboratories in testing or calibration areas.ETC was accredited by the National Accreditation Foundation (TAF) on 8 June 2009 as a "Proficiency Test Provider" under the accreditation code P004. In response to the demand of laboratories for proficiency testing, ETC organizes proficiency tests in various areas on a regular basis to provide a wide range of proficiency testing services and to provide opportunities for laboratories to compare with each other and to improve their own testing skills.

Current proficiency testing activities cover length, mass, compressive force, temperature, power and electromagnetic compatibility. In the future, ETC will continue to increase the number of TAF accreditations to expand its full range of services to accredited laboratories and to provide customers with the highest quality of service.

  • 2022 Year Capability Trial Project Schedule Scheduled
    • Block gauges, digital calipers, French codes, platinum resistance thermometers, DC voltages, DC currents, resistances: Transmission starts in April 2022. Certification in October 2022
    • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests. Transmission starts in September 2022. Certification in October 2023
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