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ISO EMS Environmental Management System


The ISO EMS Environmental Management Standards Series is a series of environmental management standards developed by the International Organization for Standard (ISO) in response to the spirit of environmental protection for continuous improvement and sustainable development as advocated by the United Nations Earth Summit in 1992. The ultimate goal is to protect the earth's environment by reducing environmental damage caused by industrial and commercial activities through environmental management.

The ISO EMS environmental management system is designed to improve environmental issues in order to meet the requirements of international environmental regulations and local environmental legislation, to improve the internal and external environment of the organization, to reduce the negative impact on the environment and pollution, to avoid recurrence of environmental problems, to mitigate the ecological impact of the environment and to improve it gradually Through the development of environmental awareness, objectives, targets and environmental management plans, environmental problems are identified and continuously improved.

Training Purpose

  • Ehance Product Competitiveness: The ISO EMS not only meets the international trend of environmental protection, but also avoids international trade barriers and enhances product competitiveness.
  • Environmental risk reduction: The environmental impact of the company's activities is assessed through an environmental consideration process, so that effective measures can be taken to reduce environmental risks.
  • Reduce corporate costs: Through education and training of the environmental management system, all employees will understand the importance of environmental protection, establish the concept of environmental protection, and take practical actions such as 5S to reduce unnecessary waste and enhance the competitiveness of products.
  • Compliance with environmental regulations: The environmental management system is set up and operated in such a way that the company complies with the relevant environmental protection regulations and reduces the losses incurred as a result of non-compliance with the regulations.
  • Enhancement of corporate social image: Through the announcement of environmental policies and the implementation of environmental management systems, we promote the concept of environmental protection and enhance the social image of our company.

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Systematic training model

  • System planning stage: ISO EMS preliminary environmental review, environmental assessment and planning to meet regulatory requirements, environmental policy objectives and management plans.
  • System building stage: standard procedure building and process planning for the practical operation of ISO EMS in enterprises.
  • System development phase: education and training, practical operation and documentation of ISO EMS standards, environmental awareness raising for supervisors and all staff.
  • System implementation phase: internal audits and corrections, management reviews and ISO EMS standard system operation corrections.
  • System continuity: external audit validation, including initial assessment to confirm ISO EMS system compliance, corrective adjustments and formal registration and proof of continuity of operation.