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3C Factory Quality Management System in China


'3C' is the abbreviation of 'China Compulsory Certification', which is the latest product safety licensing system implemented in China: China Compulsory Certification.'3C' replaces the former CCIB and CCEE, which is a unification of the two sets of certification management systems that existed in the past for the certification of compulsory products in China.

'3C' enforcement inspection was launched on 1 Aug, 2003.According to the relevant regulations, all products listed in the 3C certification catalog (there are 22 major categories with a total of 158 products subject to mandatory enforcement), without 3C certification, the products cannot leave the factory in China, or exported to China from Taiwan, or even sold in China.ETC will help companies to set up 3C factory quality management systems in the hope that all products manufactured in Taiwan can be exported to China successfully.

Short history of 'China Compulsory Certification',

  • Issued by ‘Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China’.
  • Officially implemented on May 1, 2002
  • Mandatory implementation on 1 August,2003

3C Products includes

  • 16 categories relating to electrical, electronic and telecommunications
  • 5 categories of wire and cable
  • 6 categories of circuit opening connector devices
  • 18 types of household appliances (Implementation Rules for Mandatory Certification of Electrical and Electronic Products - Household and Similar Equipment)
  • 16 types of audio
  • Other types