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ISO QMS (Quality management systems) Requirements, hereinafter referred to as ISO QMS, this standard has been revised five times since its publication in 1987 and the latest version is the 2015 edition.

The ISO QMS is applicable to all industries, product categories and organization sizes. The standard is a management system based on customer satisfaction, regulatory requirements, product design and production process orientation.

ISO QMS focuses on understanding and meeting the requirements of stakeholders (customers), considering the needs of the process in terms of added value, obtaining the results of the performance and effectiveness of the process, and continuous improvement of the process based on target measurements with an emphasis on the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) management process model as the core of the system's operation, in order to establish a sound quality management system, build the quality awareness of all staff, improve product quality and strengthen competitiveness.

ISO QMS - Requirements is divided into ten chapters: Chapter 1 Scope, Chapter 2 Citation Standards, Chapter 3 Terms and Definitions, Chapter 4 Organizational Background, Chapter 5 Leadership, Chapter 6 Planning, Chapter 7 Support, Chapter 8 Operations, Chapter 9 Performance Assessment, and Chapter 10 Improvement.

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