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The construction and type of connectors vary widely, with different applications, frequencies, powers and targets having different types and requirements.ETC specializes in the development of the connector industry and provides a wide range of testing solutions.
The range of tests includes environmental and mechanical reliability, high frequency signal measurement and analysis, and material characterisation and analysis.With our professionalism and experience, we provide professional services and advice. We are also actively involved in the development of standards and testing methods by international associations, such as USB-IF, 1394TA, SATA and Display port, etc. We have established a good image in the industry and become a good partner for our customers' product gate-keeping.

Test Service

Cable & Connector Conformity Verification Tests

High Frequency Characteristic Test

  • Testing Items
    1. Characteristic Impedance Test
    2. S-parameter test (S11, S21, S12, S22)
    3. Jitter Test
    4. VSWR Test
    5. Crosstalk Test
    6. Eye diagram test
    7. Occlusion Test
    8. Attenuation Test
    9. Loss Test
    10. Propagation Delay Test
    11. Propagation Time Lag Test
    12. Group Delay Test
    13. Remote Crosstalk Test
    14. Near-End Crosstalk Test
    15. Differential Mode Characteristic Impedance Test
    16. Differential Mode Transmission Delay Test
    17. Common Mode Impedance Test
    18. Connector Pairing Characteristic Impedance Test
    19. Inter-circuit Time Lag Test
    20. In-circuit time lag test

Lead-free solder quality test

  • Test Items
    1. Solderability Test - (Quantitative Method - Wet Scale)
    2. Solderability Test - (Qualitative Method)
    3. Solder Heat Resistance Test
    4. Vapour Aging Test
    5. Metal Melt Resistance Test
    6. Scanning Ultrasonic Inspection
    7. Scanning Electron Microscopy / Elemental Analysis
    8. X-Ray fluoroscopy
    9. Red Ink Penetration Observation
    10. Micro-section Observation Analysis
    11. Tin Whisker Observation (Tin Process Products)
    12. Optical Microscopy
    13. X-Ray Coating Thickness Test

Electrical Performance Test

  • Test is based on the following standards: Domestic CNS 4785、CNS 10522、JPCA-ET01、EIA 364
  • Test Items:
    1. Cap. & tanδ Test
    2. Inductance & Q Test
    3. Resistance Test
    4. Impedance Test
    5. ESR Test
    6. Voltage Drop Test
    7. Contact Resistance Test
    8. Insulation Resistance Test
    9. Dielectric Withstanding Voltage Test
    10. DC Leakage Test
    11. Surge Voltage Test
    12. Short Time Over Load Test
    13. Rated Load Test
    14. Contact Bouncing Test
    15. Surface Resistivity Test
    16. Volume Resistivity Test
    17. Temperature Rise Test(Rating Current Test
    18. Surface Insulation Resistance Test ,SIR Test
    19. Electrochemical Migration Test, ECM Test
    20. Conductor Resistances Test (Manual/AMR Test)
    21. Forward Volt/Current Test
    22. Reverse Current Test
    23. Grounding Test
    24. Power Consumption Test
    25. Sensitivity Freq. Response Test
    26. R-L Channel Output Ratio Test
    27. Distortion Factor Test
    28. Continuous Load Test
    29. Lowest Resonance Freq. Test (fo) Test
    30. Lumens Test
    31. Volume Test
    32. Max. Consumption Current Test
    33. Voltage Drift Test
    34. Short Test
    35. Rotational Speed Test
    36. Minimum Action Voltage Test
    37. Voltage Range Test
    38. Input Voltage& Freq. Test
    39. Voltage Shock Test
    40. Reverse Voltage Test
    41. Over Voltage Test
    42. Max. Output Test
    43. AC Leakage Test

Mechanical Environmental Test

  • Test Items
    1. Industrial Gas Testing
    2. Aging Test
    3. Dry heat (heat resistance) test
    4. Temperature cycling test
    5. Temperature and humidity cycling test
    6. Temperature Shock Test
    7. Low Temperature (Cold Resistance) Test
    8. Dust test (EIA/IEC)

Mechanical Characterization Test

  • Test is based on the following standards: EIA-364、EIAJ 4702/7403、JIS Z 3198
  • Test Items :
    1. Visual& Mechanical Examination
    2. Function Examination
    3. Dimension Measurement
    4. Discontinuities Test
    5. Durability Test
    6. Normal Force Test
    7. Mating &Unmating Force Test
    8. Contact Retention Test
    9. Terminal Strength
    10. Solder Joint Strength Test(Shear/Pull)
    11. Cable Pull-out Test
    12. Cable Flex Test
    13. Bending Test
    14. Keyboard Life Test
    15. Copper Peel Strength Test
    16. Resistance to Solvents Test
    17. Glowing-wire Test
    18. Cross-cut Test
    19. Tape Adhesion Test
    20. Torque Test
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