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TESTING: Telecommunication Terminal Equipment Testing
Telecommunication Terminal Equipment Testing

For now, many critical factors, such as interface management, agreements, radiation, EMI and electric shock come up due to the reasons that telecommunication devices forever change with each passing day. In order to ensure customer service, ETC works in collaboration with foreign certification bodies to advance testing technology and meet the demands of the times.

We have been accredited by NCC as telecommunication terminal equipment certification organization. ETC is also capable of the testing abroad, such as, FCC/USA, IC/Canada, Reg Tp/Germany, TUV SUD BABT/UK, TBR ETSI/Europe, AS/ACIF/Australia, and JATE, TELEC/Japan with the goal to assist manufacturers to gain foreign certifications.


All kinds of telecommunication Terminal equipment and module: Telephone set, answering machine, facsimile, PABX, modem, caller ID, ISDN, pager, wireless telecommunication products, digital wireless telecommunications, DECT, GSM/GPRS, CDMA/WCDMA and 4G/ LTE.



NCC telecommunication's standard, CNS, FCC, IC, EN/TBR, European ETSI, AS/ACIF and Japanese telecom standard etc.


Fully-Anechoic Chamber

DECT Testing Equipments

JAPAN JATE Testing Equipments

TBR21 Testing Equipments
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