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TESTING: LED Performance and Reliably Testing
LED Performance and Reliably Testing
Lighting product Category
ETC LED lighting product testing laboratory provide performance and safety testing for illumination products.
LED lighting product testing laboratory was recognized by TAF and BSMI as an accredited laboratory, ETC has comprehensive testing equipment and well-training technical personnel to provide service to all customers.
Provide effective and quick testing service for domestic LED manufacturers, assist our costumers to enable their products to reach the global standards and promote international competitiveness for LED industry in Taiwan.
High Speed Moving Mirror Goniophotometer for Luminous Intensity Distribution Measurement
(01) Electronic Parameters (V, I, W, PF)
(02) Luminous Flux, lm
(03) Luminous Efficacy, lm/W
(04) Zonal Lumen Density
(05) Candlepower Distribution (Polar Coordinates, Cartesian Coordinates)
(06) Illumination / Distance Chart
(07) Beam Angle for Street Light
(08) Unified Glare Rating, UGR
(09) IESNA Cutoff Classification
(10) Coefficient of Utilization, IES "BUG" Rating
3 m Integrating sphere measurement system
(01) Luminous Flux, lm
(02) Chromaticity Coordinates ((x,y), (u',v'))
(03) Correlated Color Temperature, CCT
(04) Color Rendering Index, CRI
(05) Peak Wavelength, λp
(06) Dominant Wavelength, λd
(07) Spectral Distribution Diagram, SPD
(08) Excitation Purity, %
(09) Duv
Service Item
(01) Fluorescent lamp
(02) HID lamp
(03) Cold cathode fluorescent lamp, CCFL
(04) Self-ballasted fluorescent lamp (Compact lamp)
(05) LED light source, lamp, luminaire

Integrating sphere measurement system

High Speed Moving Mirror Goniophotometer
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