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TESTING: Environmental and Reliability Testing
Environmental and Reliability Testing
Natural Environmental Testing
(01) Thermal shock testing
(02) Cold testing
(03) Dry heat testing
(04) Temperature cycling testing
(05) Damp heat cycling testing
(06) Environment stress screening testing, ESST
(07) Highly accelerated life testing, HALT
(08) Acceleration life testing
(09) Damp heat testing
(10) Low air pressure testing
(11) Salt spray testing
(12) Industry gas testing
(13) Room temperature life testing
(14) Temperature life testing
(15) Damp load testing
(16) Ripple current life testing
(17) Ageing testing
(18) Protection against water testing
(19) Protection against dust testing
(20) Ball-pressure testing
(21) Hot oil testing
(22) Boil testing
(23) Moisture sensitivity levels testing, MSL
(24) Oil resistance testing
(25) Pressure cook testing, PCT
Electrical Properties Testing
(01) Surface resistively testing
(02) Volume resistively testing
(03) Surface insulation resistance testing, SIR testing
(04) Electrochemical migration testing, ECM Testing
(05) Conductor resistances testing (Manual/AMR testing)
(06) Power consumption testing
(07) Sensitivity freq. response testing
(08) R-L channel output ratio testing
(09) Distortion factor testing
(10) Continuous load testing
(11) Lowest resonance freq. testing
(12) Lumens testing
(13) Volume testing
(14) Max. consumption current testing
(15) Rotational speed testing
(16) Minimum action voltage testing
(17) Voltage range testing
(18) Input voltage& freq. testing
(19) Voltage shock testing
(20) Reverse voltage testing
(21) Over voltage testing
(22) Max. output testing
(23) AC leakage testing
(24) Performance with digital television receiver
(25) Secondary battery testing
Mechanical Environmental Testing
(01) Vibration testing
(02) Shock testing
(03) Bump testing
(04) Drop testing
Mechanical Properties Testing
(01) Solder joint strength testing (Shear/Pull)
(02) Cable pull-out testing
(03) Cable flex testing
Reliability Test Plan & Verification of Lead Free/Road Vehicle Products
(01) Reliability testing plan of lead free products
(02) Reliability testing plan of road vehicle products
(03) Performance and analysis for reliability testing

Highly Acceleration Life Testing

Vibration&Shock Testing

Low Air Pressure Testing

Moisture Sensitivity Levels Testing

Charge&Discharge Performance Barrier Testing

Receive&Demodulation of Digital Television Receiver

SIR&ECM Testing

Conductor Resistances Testing (Manual/AMR Testing)

Environment Stress Screening Testing
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