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TESTING: Environmental and Energy Label Testing
Environmental and Energy Label Testing
Category of CNS testing
(1) CNS 3615 for non-ducted air conditioner
(2) CNS 14464 for non-ducted air conditioner and heat pump- testing and rating for performance
(3) CNS 12492 for dehumidifier
(4) CNS 2062 for electric refrigerator and freezer
Category of power saving testing
Air conditioner, dehumidifier, electric refrigerator, fan, television, washing machine, dryer machine, water disperser, electric boiler, TFT LCD display, DVD recorder player.
Category of green mark testing
Air conditioner, dehumidifier, electric refrigerator, tumble dryer, fan, microwave oven, induction cooker, washing machine, water disperser.
Energy Star /CEC
External power supply, battery charger, coreless telephone.
The purpose of EU Flower eco-label is to provide indicators and references for consumers and government procurement on selection of green products. The ultimate aim of EU Flower is to achieve the best practice of environmentally friendly products. Through the assigned testing and methodologies for product groups in EU Flower eco-labels, each tested and complied product will be issued an EU Flower label by the national competent authority.
The products of ETC EU Flower testing services include external power supplies, battery charger, TFT LCD display, DVD recorder, television, TFT LCD monitor.
For more on Certification
Energy Label, Green Mark, EU-Flower, and Green Building Material
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