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TESTING: Chemical Testing for Non-Electronic Products
Chemical Testing for Non-Electronic Products
Product Scopes
Car interior parts, coatings, building materials, toys, wooden products, foods, cosmetics, textiles, fertilizers, plastic products, packaging materials, semi-finished products/ raw materials
Testing items
(01) SVHC of REACH testing and evaluation
(02) Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) diffuse rate/ formaldehyde diffuse rate
(03) Phthalates testing
(04) Formaldehyde testing
(05) Additives testing
(06) Benzene testing
(07) Nickel release testing
(08) Organic matter/ heavy metal testing
(09) Chemical fertilizers/ organic fertilizer testing
(10) Green mark testing/ green building material label testing
(11) Halogen/ DMF testing
(12) Packaging and packaging waste directive testing
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