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CONSULTING: Consulting Services of Technical and Management System
Consulting Services of Technical and Management System
Consulting and Training
Members in ETC consulting team have been consulting with electrical and electronic companies over two decades: from the early IECQ quality control system to most updated international quality management systems. For years of their hands-on working with the industry, our senior consultants are able to deliver practical advice not only to satisfy client's needs but also to formulate the solution to solve the problems.
Our experienced consultants have been with the electrical and electronic industry for more than 20 years to provide the most up-to-date professional consulting services.
By registering with the Industrial Development Bureau, ETC is a qualified consulting institute with its outstanding performance on environmental management as well as industrial safety and hygiene. ETC is also assigned by the Judiciary Yuan to evaluate the infringement of patents.
▲One-stop service
ETC's one-stop consulting services cover the areas of quality control, environmental management, green products, industrial safety and hygiene, with an extension to intellectual property management & training.
IPR Management System Consultation
In recent years, the importance of the intellectual property management policy for industries is obviously important. ETC provides a service of helping industries to establish Intellectual Property Management System and will help industries pass the test of TIPS after consultation. ETC equips herself with experiences of consulting and helps over 40 industries to establish Intellectual Property Management System. In order to provide the excellent and complete services, the Center decides to continually offer the consulting service as well as a series of quality IPR training courses.
Lead-Free Process
ETC offers training courses and on-site practical operation (SMT, DIP, Hand soldering, HASL processing), lead-free factory training, parameter control and confirmation, processing conditions confirmation, reliability evaluation and testing for products in assembly, lead-free products certification and on-site auditing and consultation for lead-free processing.
Green Products Design Consultation
ETC was launched as a technology support lab for the domestic industry to develop green products design and been affirmed by ECOASIMELEC/Spain, Eco-Systemes and Eco-Logic/France, EGR and INTERSEROH /Germany, VALPAK, REPIC, HP/British. The categories of our service cover from notebook, LCD screen, DVD player, projector, UPS, mobile phone, digital camera, electric printing machine, refrigerator and rear projecting TV.
Technical Consultation for Reliability Engineering/Quality Engineering with Taguchi Method
What consumers concern in device is utility, namely product reliability. It is often attributed to the "useful life" of the device and can be represented by “Mean time between failures (MTBF)”, i.e. the average time between failures of a system. Currently, ETC offers a complete array of reliability engineering training courses, such as reliability training, preventive maintenance/ Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)/DOC or Quality Engineering with Taguchi Methods / Robust Design and etc. All these will allow a company to rapidly and accurately acquire technical service, including practical case study, results clarification, reliability testing scheming and on-site consulting service to meet a variety of quality requirement needed by our manufacturers.
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