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CONSULTING: Calibration of measurement Instrument Service
Calibration of Measurement Instrument Service
Electrical Scope:
(01) RLC meter/bridge/MΩ meter
(02) AC/DC/Volt-ammeter/calibrator/power meter/μA meter
(03) Speaker/telephone testing system & measurement instrument
(04) TV/VTR testing/measurement instruments & testing instruments for TV station (e.g. pattern generator, oscilloscope, modulation meter, sign​al generator)
(05) Radio/tape recorder testing instrument, puncture/insulation tester, audio analyzer
(06) Testing/measurement for EMC equipment (LISN, testing receiver, power amplifier)
(07) Puncture/insulation tester, resistor bridge
(08) Stroboscope/rotate meter/contact RPM meter
(09) Network analyzer/RF high power meter/mobile phone testing instrument/ communication analyzer
(10) Generator/counter/spectrum analyzer/RF power meter
(11) High voltage equipment: high voltage meter, turn ratio tester
Dimension Scope:
Block gauge, caliper, micrometer, height gauge, pin gauge, dial indicator, dial indicator calibrator, Displacement meter, steel metric, ring gauge, angle gauge, thread plug gauge.
Weight Scope:
standard weight, balances, scales, spring hammer.
Temperature Scope:
Glass thermometer, thermocouple, RTD, digital thermal meter, temperature calibrator, temperature recorder, thermo-hygrometer, thermo-hygrograph, infrared thermometer, and digital infrared. thermograph
Force Scope:
Pull-push gauge, tension gauge, torque meter, torque calibrator, torque driver, torque wrench, pressure gauge (air type & oil type).
Acoustic Scope:
Sound calibrator, piston phone, standard microphone, sound level meter, dose meter, product acoustic noise measurement, and environment acoustic noise measurement.
Chemical Scope:
pH meter, specific gravity, conductivity meter, viscometer, pipette.
Electronic-magnetic Scope:
Microware power meter, microwave power sensor, Half-wave antenna, biconical antenna, log-periodic antenna, horn antenna.
Optical Scope:
Illuminance (LUX) meter, UV meter, CRT color analyzer, UV intensity meter, luminance meter, chroma meter.
Antenna Testing/Calibration
Our antenna calibration laboratory has been accredited by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF).
Flow Scope:
Ballistic Pendulum Scope:
PTL spring hammer calibration
On-Site Calibration Service
Chamber oven, vibration machine, sparker, material test machine, granite table, puncture tester, hydrometer, profile projector, pressure cooker.

Electrical Calibration System

RF Calibration System

High Power RF Calibration System

Temperature Calibration System

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Air Velocity Calibrator
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