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CERTIFICATION: Type Verification of Machinery, Equipment and Tools (Taiwan TS mark)
Type Verification of Machinery, Equipment and Tools (Taiwan TS mark)
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Taiwan Testing and Certification Center (ETC) is accredited by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) for complying with ISO/IEC 17025 (Accreditation No. 3424) and ISO/IEC 17065 (Accreditation No. PC002) on the scope of machinery and explosion proof electrical equipment testing, type verification and certification.

ETC is also a recognized verification and certification body by Ministry of Labor (MOL) in Taiwan.

According to the “Occupational Safety and Health Act”, “Directions Governing Type Verification of Machinery, Equipment and Tools”, “Regulations Governing the Implementation and Monitoring of Type Certification for Mechanical Products” and “Safety Standard of Machinery and Equipment”, ETC performs testing, type verification and certification for local approval in Taiwan.

Applied Scope
1. Grinders
2. Circular saws
3. Explosion proof electrical equipment
4. The hand-fed planers

Application Form
Application form (only available in traditional Chinese) (Download)

Application Documents
Application documents include
(1) Registration documents: factory registration, company registration, business registration or other equivalent documents that demonstrate official approval for establishment, except where registration is not required by laws or relevant information has been registered with no changes.
(2) Basic information about machinery, equipment and tools.
(3) Description of the product type, including product catalog, product name, illustration of the appearance of the product, product classification code (HS code or CCC code), specification of the main processing unit and control unit, etc.
(4) Explanations for type classifications, except for type verification of stand alone unit.
(5) Lists of the main types and series of types.
(6) Construction graphics, including illustrations of the functions of the product safety devices and the installed locations.
(7) Drawings of the electric, hydraulic or pneumatic circuit, if applicable.
(8) Instructions of performance.
(9) Instructions of the installation, operation, maintenance and repair of the product, as well as recommended practices for responding to hazards.
(10) Lists of product safety devices and safety accessories, including the names, specifications, safety performance and compliance status, test reports of critical components and related strength calculations of the devices.
(11) Instructions of manufacturing processes, except for type verification of standalone unit. The documents specified shall be mainly in Chinese, and may be supplemented in English or other foreign languages; if the documents are in a foreign language other than English, an English translation must be attached.
(12) The application form (K00-OP-051-04). The verification body may request the applicant to provide related test reports, documents or articles if it is deemed necessary. The verification body may request the applicant to provide electronic files for related documents for purpose of storage and management.
(13) Declaration of conformity.
(14) Factory inspection report authorization letter.

Application process flowchart

 Compliance Label

1. Color of the label: Black K0, or colors approved by the central competent authority based on the application made by the manufacturer or importer for purpose of meeting the practical needs.
2. The serial number of type verification or identification code shall be placed below or right to the graphic symbol.
3. The verification label may be enlarged or reduced proportionally based on the size of the machinery, equipment or tools, or other special needs.

Payment Methods
1. Wire transfer
Bank Name: The Chang Hwa Commercial Bank Lte. Linkou Branch
A/C No.: 9689-01-222175-00
2. Cash
Please pay in person at ETC counter.

Regulations and Standards
-Occupational Safety and Health Act
-Enforcement Rules of the Occupational Safety and Health Act
-Directions Governing Type Verification of Machinery, Equipment and Tools
-Safety Standard of Machinery and Equipment
-Regulations Governing the Registration of Safety Information for Machinery, Equipment and Tools
- Regulations Governing the Use and Management of Safety Label and Certification Label
-Announcement on the registration of the security information declaration website (in traditional Chinese)

Rights and obligations
 Rights and obligations(only available in traditional Chinese)

Approved Items
Please refer to the official website

Contact Window

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